Roasted Beetroot Salad with Feta Cheese and Walnuts


A healthy beetroot salad with a sweet and salty flavour. The dressing is made with honey and vinegar complimenting with the saltiness of the feta cheese. Beetroots are first peeled then roasted so you can that nice caramelisation on the outside. I find this better than peeling after. It is advisable to wear gloves when handling beetroots, as the juice will stain your hands, and that can last most of the day. For me personally that doesn’t bother me.

I used my home-grown beetroots, which were so easy to grow from seeds, no chemicals, no sprays, all one hundred percent organic goodness. I don’t have a large vege garden, but do enjoy growing a few veges for the fun of it. I find it so rewarding, and exciting to see what one seed can bring you. I do encourage everyone to try it. Even in pots, if you live in an apartment.

This is a very healthy salad, it’s delicious, and can be consumed as a complete meal. Enjoy my roasted beetroot salad with rocket, cheese and walnuts.

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  1. Came home from a busy day of work, I thought of listening some music to relax. But this recipe caught my eye, so I watch it instead. The red wine I’m drinking seems better, so is my tired body and mind. There’s a magic power in your cooking in silent voice but sizzling ingredients, tranquillo plays a beautiful harmony to our five sense. Thanks again, Chef, for sharing all these treasures to others’ life.

  2. Oh very, very nice Joel, it looks so delicious, thank you😊
    We did speak about a garden tour a while ago… Whether it's small or large it would be really interesting to see where you harvest some of your ingredients for your lovely recipes. I see others would love to see that as well as me😊
    Hope you, Sue and Whiskey continue to stay safe and happy.
    All the best from Brisbane👍

  3. Hi Joel, FYI, we, in Israel and the Middle East in general, don't throw the Beetroot leaves, we use them too. you can stuff it, and make many other recipes. Personally, I make a dish as you make with spinach; onion, garlic, Beetroot leaves, feta, and eat. Alternative two; lamb meat mix with herbs, roll into the leave, and cook it in tomato sauce or other.