Ridiculously Big Salad REWIND: Intermittent Fasting Meals for Weight Loss


I discuss the evolution of The Ridiculously Big Salad, and my view of it as I got started in September of 2017.
Here are some of those old videos I mention:
April 2018:

January 2019:
February 2021:





  1. Hi Dr. Rose. Thank you for giving me hope on dieting. I've tried many diets and they never worked. I tried the RBS and lost weight in the first few days despite not being able to walk for long periods. I'm 28 and take meds for nerve pain due to fibromyalgia and these meds cause weight gain. My salads have avocado, Thousand Island dressing, taco meat, cheese and plenty of veggies. I love the Big Mac salad personally. Finally a fabulous way to shed unwanted weight! Thanks Dr. Rose!

  2. Oh Amanda, that is so cool to see your evolution!! I will say, you've turned me into an enthusiastic salad eater as well. As you've said, I've come to crave them! I play a little bit with other food ideas, ( I do like an egg roll in a bowl dish occasionally, and your simple warm dish from the 3 day challenge is delicious with chicken sausage ) but again and again, I come back to the salad. They just make me feel the best!