Reversing Diabetes with a Plant-Based, Vegan Diet | Forks Over Knives


This new short film on reversing diabetes with a plant-based diet from the creators of Forks Over Knives ( captures how the charismatic Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams turns his health around after a devastating diabetes diagnosis. has over 400 healthy whole-food plant-based recipes, expert tips, and tools to help you transition to the life-saving, whole-foods, plant-based diet.





  1. This method really does control, even reverse Type 2 diabetes. Low carb is a band-aid. Whole, plant-based foods, low fat, will reverse the cellular processes that lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Surprising to a lot of us! Cheap, too, in the midst of our current inflation. Check out for complete, free information on how to eat and cook this way. Also and of course Forks Over Knives. Dr Neal Bernard has a great book on this topic. God Bless Eric Adams for coming out so strongly on this lifesaving topic! What an inspiration this brilliant guy is!

  2. He was so right about doctors not helping with diet. When I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes by my PCP, he basically said “you have diabetes, book an appointment with an endocrinologist.” When I asked what I should do in the meantime, he just paused and said “well no sugar. But your endo will probably refer you to a dietician.” But that didn’t happen.

  3. The documentary "Forks Over Knives" convinced me to switch to a mostly plant based diet. Once I educated myself on the other reasons people go vegan, I went pure vegan. That was years ago, and now feel more energy, and fewer aches and pains from inflammation.

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  11. Dont get it twisted. Excersize will do wayyyyy more for you thab plant diet if u have TYPE 1. No reversing this disease. God bless the 1s struggling with this monster of disease. Exersise has been best blessing for me no matter i eat. Type 1 20 years. 🙏

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