Refreshing Treat – Sugar-Free Keto Jello Great for PSMF Days!


This sugar free clean keto jello is so refreshing. It is great for a hot summer day. There are no carbs or fat, so it is a perfect treat on PSMF days!

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  1. Thank you veeeeeeeeery much for this idea, I wanted to incorporate eating jello to intake more glycine via gelatin and was contemplating how to make a healthy version, and it never came to mind to just use tea, this is genius and simple.

  2. I have made dietary lifestyle changes and now use gelatin as a snack. I was using store bought "sugar free" gelatin but I still want to eliminate the included malodextrin from the gelatin. I had been thinking similarly about flavouring the product as you did. One thing that I have been doing is using small yogurt containers to hold the liquid gelatin mix. I use a laddle to scoop and fill the cups and transfer the usual 8 cups to the fridge in a small baking pan. It makes a great use of the small plastic cups and gives me just enough gelatin as a treat.

  3. I love this! The perfect Jello, no more grocery store Jello. How much gelatin might I use to make these into gummies? Do you have an idea?
    Plus, love how Karl tried to sneak the kitty out and he slipped back in – hahahaha, that was great! Keep kitty in the videos!