Recipe: Chicken and Vegetable Meal for Dogs with Diabetes


Diabetes is a very common health issue seen in domestic canines. The most commonly diagnosed type resembles Type 1 Diabetes in humans. If your pet has been diagnosed with this condition, your veterinarian will certainly want to discuss a change in diet. This food for dogs with Diabetes will not be nutritionally balanced for all pets, so be sure to discuss it with your veterinarian first.

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It’s been estimated that about 1 in 100 dogs will develop diabetes mellitus by the time they’re 12 years old. Some breeds are more prone to developing this health issue, and un-spayed female dogs are twice as likely to be diagnosed than male dogs.

Caring for a diabetic dog is certainly challenging. It can also be quite expensive. Managing the condition through diet can help cut the cost of expensive medications. It’s also a healthier and more natural way to treat Diabetes.

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