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If you love lasagna, but don’t love the time it takes to do all that layering, then this amazing lasagna soup is for you! Unlike many lasagna soup recipes, this is way more than just pasta, meat, and cheese sitting in a bowl of tomato sauce. This is real lasagna in soup form. Enjoy!

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  1. This is deluxe! Chef John is awesome. One thing…I would use drained cottage cheese instead of ricotta, it's cheaper and I like it better. Also…I would use the plain ole grated parmesan from a jar instead of fresh…I know, I know…but I grew up on it… to me it tastes fine. Chef John is a cheese snob when it comes to this one 🙂

  2. I’m totally going to make this. Only I’m going to add homemade garlic butter croutons to it at the end as well. 🤘🏻 I love lasagna, but hate the long process of making it, being I’m disabled & it’s painful to stand for long periods. So I make a lot of homemade soups. My son says I’m really good at making homemade soups that he calls me the soup queen & thinks canned soups are disgusting. I’m always inventing & coming up with good soups, but never thought of lasagna soup. I can get my lasagna fix without as much work. Thank you🤘🏻 you rock🤘🏻 and I’m going to cook this tomorrow 😋

  3. I love that idea of toasting the noodles, but I would cheese so you could have the crispy cheese like lasagna 😊
    The only way I usually make lasagna soup is by actually making a full thin lasagna in a pan. And then I chill it or even freeze. And then I cut it in cubes, and I make a tomato soup with marinara, and then I put the little cubes into the lasagna soup, just heated through and serve . 😘
    I get Rave reviews!!

  4. "If you make this, there's a good chance you'll never make regular lasagna again" is a bold claim, but if anyone can fulfill that it's Chef John. I legit do only ever make lemonade his way anymore, the old method of just juicing the lemons can't suffice. Try his recipes at your peril, you may just ruin food you used to love 😂😭