READY, SET, FIGHT | Gilinor Games (#7)


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  1. The further the players get into the games – the better the need to play and the tougher decisions they need to make. As usual – make sure to subscribe, comment and share GG to help support the show! Also make sure to check out Manscaped who have graciously supported today's episode! – – Get 20% Off + Free International Shipping with promo code SOUPRS 👑😈

  2. As someone who doesn't play runescape at all. Can we please have maybe a little bit more of an overmap on things like the rogues den. Watching them fail at traps and be teleported back is all well and good but it kind of loses all sense of importance when you don't have a clue how close to the end they actually are.

  3. The whole voting and alliance game feels rather staged at this point. Almost cringey. I feel it has gotten way too much room in this season.
    To me what makes the series so enjoyable is the competitive gameplay itself, not the acted reality tv editing. But it might be just me…