RASTA MOKKO’S "Ital is VITAL" Soup! Straight from Jamaica!


🔥STORE: 🔥 🎥Matthew’s other Channel: “You watch the man’s pot too much… .you’re a thief!” -Ratty ITAL IS VITAL, especially with this all natural home grown soup with yellow yam, gungo peas aka pigeon peas, turnip, cho cho, okra, pumpkin and more. We hear why to beware the leaning pot, whiteys eating raw food, the I-cumber, ghost pictures on the yard, picking oteheite apples and a storm wrecking the mango tree. Mad respect to Sam for visiting from California! bless up, Matthew & Mokko PS check out the “Cucumber” song by Macka B! ★ ALL MY GEAR ★ ★ SUPPORT ★ ★ CONNECT ★ Ras Kitchen Instagram & Facebook ★ VISIT RASTA MOKKO ★ www.rastamokko.com ★ Music ★ Intro Outro song by Marc Guttamouth BriZion- Crystal Dub JustNormal- We Walked today (Epidemic Sound) Cornelio- Aquarela (Epidemic Sound) BriZion-Dolphin Dub Warmkeys-Last Summer (Epidemic Sound) Some Music from EPIDEMIC SOUND! FREE MONTH HERE :.





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