Rainbows are the sky smiling in all its colors, heavenly arches of hope and blessing. This all season rainbow salad recreates that feast of colors on your plate, bringing with it a pot of golden health.

This salad is super fun to design, with its vibrant colors put together as if in assembly line, in our quest to mimic nature. Start with one end of the platter, placing a strip of purple cabbage, and next to it, line up a strip of steamed red beets which have been cut in circles and steamed. Let the beet juice gently infuse the cabbage.

A thin strip of purple kelp noodles comes next. The purple comes from translucent kelp noodles cooked in purple water (from boiling the purple cabbage). Next comes blue, for which we resort to a trick of chemistry, as blue doesn’t occur naturally in foods. Sprinkle some baking soda into the purple kelp, and keep rubbing it in till its color turns blue. Line up a strip of these blue kelp noodles.

Bring on the green with a strip of steamed broccoli, and yellow with (boiled) cauliflower, which has been cooked with turmeric infused water, yielding thereby an extra boost of health. A strip of steamed carrots for orange, followed with julienned red bell peppers for red then round out our salad of light.

For folks who might not fancy broccoli for green, one could also provide some steamed green beans for variety, with additionally some spinach (cut in strips) for texture.

Our next task is to complement the salad, which we proceed to do with a simple, Asian inspired dressing. Add toasted sesame seed oil into a glass bowl, then some lemon juice, and whisk in till it emulsifies. Then add a little bit of salt, some chili flakes, mint leaves, a good bunch of cut green onions, a pinch of minced garlic and gluten free soy sauce. Finally, a pinch each of red chili powder and black pepper, and it’s time to whisk the dressing.

For finishing touches, pour some coconut oil over the beets, the greens and the red (peppers). Then pour the Asian dressing, starting with the head and the bottom of the platter, and the rest of it if anywhere else over the salad.

Much like the celestial spectrum of light, this vibrant rainbow salad brings a spectrum of health.

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