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Ragi Flour – 2 Cups
Rice Flour – 1¼ Cups
Black Gram Dhal (Urad) – ¼ Cup
Salt – Little
Sour Curd – 1 Cup
Oil – Little

For Stuffing:
Sliced Capsicum (All Colours) – ½ Cups
Roasted Flax Seeds – Little
Roasted Sesame Seeds

1. Soak Urad separately for ½ an hour.
2. Mix water with ragi flour to a thick batter consistency.
3. Grind Urad to a smooth paste.
4. Add soaked ragi flour and grind once with just enough salt.
5. Mix little sour curds to that.
6. Ferment in for six hours.
7. Prepare dosai using very little oil.


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