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Amid the pandemic in this ever-changing weather, it is extremely important to have healthy and balanced clean meals for better immunity. So, we’ve decided to make the comforting khichdi even more nutritious, making it protein-enriched by adding the superfood Quinoa to it. This Quinoa Khichdi also has a generous dose of vegetables making it a complete meal. Also, it’s so simple to make. Do try it out today!
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  1. A short cut to making this:
    just dump all the vegetables in to hotpot and stir them for 4 minutes,
    Add moongdal and quinoa
    close the lid and set it on pressure setting for 7 minutes and vola πŸ˜€ u have ur quinoa kichidi ready in 10 minutes,
    Therefore no need to steam cook vegetables separately and add more dishes for cleaning later

  2. Ghee πŸ¦’
    Rai 😞
    Jeera πŸ‘Š
    Heeng πŸ’…
    Curry leaves 🐺
    Ginger 🀹
    Garlic 🌧️
    Onoins 🦹
    French beans 🀰
    Cauliflower 🧟
    Carrots πŸ’
    Green peas 🀱
    Turmeric powder ⚑
    Chilli powder πŸ™‡
    Salt 🧚
    Add the quinoa and dal mixture ☝️
    Coriander leaves 🍍

  3. Tomato for garnish is so colorful but I had added pomegranate and that to tasted nice. It was made for ekadshi fast so didn't use mung dal. But I added colorful bellpeppers and tomatoes in khichadi. I am going to do your way just without onion garlic and hint, with mung dal