1. RECIPE: this is a favorite of mine
    Savory chickpea pancakes with sauteed veggies:
    1/2c chickpea flour, 2tsp nutritional yeast, pinch salt, dash paprika & garlic powder, 1/3c water
    – makes two pancakes on the skillet
    I like to sautee a bunch of mushrooms, garlic, and spinach with Italian herbs and chili flakes. Sometimes I add balsamic vinegar instead of chili flakes for a different flavor.
    – After sauteeing veggies, I put them ON TOP of the pancakes and eat by picking them up like an open-faced sandwich. I like to drizzle sriracha and bagel seasoning on top too!

  2. Thank you for the great inspirations! I‘ve been craving some spicy meals for quite some time now and your ideas seem to fit my taste spot. 😁 I‘ll definitely try some of them in the near future. 😊

    Something I make every now and then when I‘m not feeling like spending much time in the kitchen is this fried rice:
    1. Get a microwaveable rice package and frozen Asian style vegetables.
    2. Microwave the frozen vegetables first.
    3. While the vegetables are in the microwave add oil, garlic and ginger into a frying pan and fry. Then add the vegetables.
    4. While your vegetables are frying put the rice in the microwave for 2 Mins. Then add the rice into the pan.
    4. Make a hole in the middle and add some soy sauce into it. Add some other seasonings to your liking (like salt, pepper, something hot etc. – I like adding a lot of black pepper). Mix everything.
    5. Add some sesame oil for flavour mix again and serve. 😊

  3. Loved the video, it seems so authentic and achievable for a vegan German student like me living with roommates and without a huge budget. Would you be interested in showing your grocery shopping process for a week, so the cost of it, meal planing, using up leftovers etc. That could be very helpful!

  4. It’s okay for the recipes to not be authentic as long as theyre yummy. However I wanted to mention that Korean cuisine doesn’t often use glass noodles for this type of dish. An alternative noodle that I think would go great with your recipe would be “somyun” which is a kind of Korean wheat noodle! You might not be able to find it in your country but if you get the chance I recommend trying it out because it’s perfect for that type of recipe. 🙂 A delicious Korean glass noodle recipe that I also recommend is “japchae” which is often served vegan so be sure to try that one too!!! Thanks for all the yummy ideas!! 🥰