Quick Homemade Chicken Ramen and Udon Noodle Soup


Making your own chicken broth from scratch is a life-changer. Use it to make the best chicken ramen or udon noodle soup! Jump to: Introduction (00:00) ———- How to make chicken stock (1:26) 1 kg of chicken bones, scrabs, meat, skin 2 tbsp olive oil 1 carrot 1 stick of celery 4 cloves of garlic 6 spring onion stalks Enough Water to cover + 3 inches ———- Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (3:05) 1 serving of Udon Noodles 3 cups of broth 1/3 cup of diced celery 1/3 cup of diced onions 1/3 cup of diced carrots Bunch of parsley, sage salt, pepper, chili oil, sliced ​​spring onions ———- Braised Chicken Thighs (3:35) Boneless chicken thighs 6 slices of ginger 1 cup of chicken broth ———- Chicken Ramen Noodle (6:31) Ramen Egg 2 boiled eggs ¼ cup mirin ¼ cup soy sauce ¼ cup water Soup 1 ½ cup mushroom broth (water + dried shitake mushrooms) 1 serving dry ramen noodles 1 ½ cup of chicken broth 1 tbsp soy sauce 2 tsps. sake 2 tsps. pork lard Optional: spring onions, chili oil ———- ——————————- —————————————- The Fat Kid Inside Merch is now available: Like the music we used? Get a 30-day free trial of the best music for your videos here AIRBNB Promo Code Here: Please subscribe! for production inquiries, please email [email protected] Social Media: Please leave us a comment if you want us to try something! .