Today we make my quick and easy butternut squash soup. The flavor of roasted butternut squash soup recreated in one pot all done on the stovetop. By caramelizing the butternut squash in the pot, we can create roasted butternut squash flavor without adding that extra step of roasting. It’s an easy vegetarian-friendly soup that can be made any night of the week. #Soup #ButternutSquashSoup #NotAnotherCookingShow How to cut Butternut Squash Bug-A-Salt PATREON: RECIPE (Website Design by: GEAR (My Amazon Store) MERCH: Music By Clem Beatz “Meet You” INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: .





  1. I haven't enjoyed a better cooking show than yours in a decade.
    I love that you feature so many vegetarian recipes.
    I have been cooking since I was 14 and now I'm 58 and I'm actually a great cook but you have recently instilled a whole new world of culinary delights into my life.
    I share so many of your videos along with my finished preparation in my photo comments.

  2. Gawwwsh this looks delicious! I usually make a curried butternut squash soup, but I'm gonna give this one a go. 
    I've been making my way through all of your soup/stew videos during this quarantine. I made your chili and shared it with my coworkers. It was so good!

  3. A friend and I were at an Austin cafe had the best butternut soup the
    waitress said it was made with vanilla yogurt butternut squash maple
    syrup all spice and chicken broth. Combined in blender and then heated.
    They served it with a Pistachio Biscotti stick my friend said she could
    eat a bucket full it was so good.

  4. I am literally LOLing at you hunting flies! I can appreciate that your not a serial fly murder….just the ones that are into breaking and entering! this was to hilarious. I also love how you are just like, "yup I asked you guys what you wanted and yeah…. yall said pumpkin, but I don't fuck wit pumpkin so yall getting butternut squash…and your welcome! Hahahaha Love it!

  5. I clicked on your cast iron pan video while looking for something specific and thought oh here we go… another cooking show… some pretty boy who probably thinks he is God's gift to the world… my first reaction was dead wrong. You are another cooking show but you are a good cook. I clicked on your spicy weekday sauce video and you were showing your friends how to cut garlic. Something everyone has shown once or twice but you were so nice and gentle teaching him to slow down and then you showed him what to do at the end of the garlic. It is just practice.

    I watched this video and I love that you do the short 30 second version of your video and then show us the whole thing. I love that you are honest about what you are doing. The soup doesn't need honey today. You really have to taste it and see for yourself. I love that the video and sounds quality is high end. So many home cooks on youtube… The ones that have been around for years look like they are shot on a point and shoot camera or an older Iphone