Quarantine Cooking: Tuna Salad Recipe


Quarantine Cooking: Tuna Salad Recipe – Today Jamie Deen is in the kitchen and he’s sharing a special Bag Lady recipe from the past that not only popular but delicious…Tuna salad!
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  1. Looks good 🙂 I love tuna salad sandwiches. I have also used veg cream cheese instead of or along with mayo and it comes out wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. My children and I always look forward to the quarantine cooking videos from your sweet family♥️

  2. I had it for lunch today on squishy soft seed bread. It's funny because I don't like celery either and I use fresh chiles instead and it gives you the crunch and a little kiss of heat or a lot of heat if you like… I like the tuna in the pouch so you don't have to drain. I use finely diced red fresno chiles and Jalapeño peppers (about one third each of the red and green chiles) in 7 ounces of tuna as wells as fresh home made dill bread and butter pickles finely chopped, one boiled egg, 1/3 + 1 T mayo, salt and pepper, little yellow mustard, and little finely chopped dill and Italian parsley (just a little) just on the bread with some really garden fresh crispy romaine lettuce. If you have some tomatoes in the garden, slice two thin slices and you are good to go.

  3. What is sweet dill relish? If you want to kick it up, add some cubed cheddar cheese and diced bell pepper (I like a little onion, too). Put it on hamburger buns, wrap in foil and heat at 350 F until the cheese melts and sandwich is hot. It's a nice treat when the weather turns cool.

  4. I agree dill pickle relish is better than the sweet, though you need to research the bacteria counts on the mayo… the stuff no matter the brand is just barley legal to sell … use some mustard and sour cream and you have a winner (does not matter the kind of mustard that is to taste… me I prefer the store brand over frenches)

  5. Until the 'all fat is bad' idea hit, most tuna was packed in oil. We have gotten used to the taste. I just read info that says that oil packed tastes better. The store was out of sale priced water packed so i now have some cans of oil packed and I'm going to make my own taste test. I like this recipe, but we only use Miracle Whip, never have mayo in my house, always tastes too oily to me.