Quarantine Cooking: Macaroni & Tomato Salad Recipe


Quarantine Cooking: Macaroni & Tomato Salad Recipe – Looking for something yummy? Paula’s got you covered with a simple recipe that’s easy and quick to make in the kitchen…Macaroni & tomato salad!
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  1. Paula, I love you and I love tomatoes, macaroni and mayonnaise. So I made this immediately. It was the worst, most bland thing I've eaten in a while. But I love Mayo, tomato and macaroni all too much to throw this away. I've divided it and added so many spices to different parts of it and, while I don't ever expect to make it again, I've added onion and celery and a little Miracle Whip (sugar might have worked) and it's edible. For lunch today I added tuna to a portion and that was ok. I keep thinking maybe bacon is the answer but I haven't tried that yet.

  2. When making macaroni salad, do not rinse the elbow macaroni noodles after cooking them. The starchy coating left on the noodles helps them to absorb the mayonnaise (or other dressing) without the salad getting soggy. I also do not add the full amount of mayonnaise or dressing called for when I first mix the salad. I save a little dressing to add to the salad after it has been refrigerated overnight.


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