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How to make vegan profiteroles, with Baileys Almande Cream, Chocolate Sauce & Sugar string.

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I came up with this recipe when struggling to veganise choux pastry, so I thought why not combine two big desserts, doughnuts & profiteroles. The outcome was unbelievable. This profiterole recipe is divine and perfect for anyone having a vegan Christmas.

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  1. Thanks mate!!!been looking to find recipes that work since I became vegan with a big sweet tooth 🦷 wanted to make these soooo badly because I want cakes and every time I’ve tried to find a recipe the end result has ended up in the bin because vegan cake recipes I’ve found have tasted like warmed up crap not even a dog would happily eat but yeah unless I buy your recipe book I can’t make these?!?!? Godddds dammmmmmmm

  2. I am not into these close-ups of his hands, I feel so awkward being forced to look there instead of at his face while he's talking. Like you just wouldn't do that in life. Love the creativity of it all though! Everything else is 110% amazing in my book

  3. I have your Christmas book. I made the Stuffed Acorn Squash for Samhain (Halloween), the No-Turkey recipe for Thanksgiving, and the Wellington recipe for Yule. I've done your Orange-Cranberry sauce (so good! And great on toast!), your Yorkshire puddings (I still can't get them right, probably grease isn't hot enough, they keep coming out pointy instead of having a nice well in the middle), and my next challenge is going to be Profiteroles!

  4. Ive tried to follow this recipie twice now and both times its turned out shit. The cream doesnt whip the profiterolls turn out like biscuits or just come out under done in the middle(using a deep fat fryer at 170) and lastly the chocolate sauce is like a watery drink not even close to a sauce. Has anyone else made these successfully??

  5. I'm currently attempting to make vegan choux pastry as well and I must say the only recipe I found so far that looks promising is a French one – probably gonna translate it in case it' worth it because I can't bear it any longer that it's seemingly impossible to veganise this 😀

  6. I'm a little bit disappointed. I search for "vegan pate choux" here in YouTube and your recipe pops out, bit this it isn't similar to a regular profiterole. This is more like a churro. I thought that you might find it a way to do it but, I think that without eggs it's impossible. 😔

  7. Not true about the coconut whipped cream. It is super tricky, you need to know what brand of coconut milk will work well. Most do not. Also, only the thick part from a cold can will be used. Funny how you make it look so easy, I am an experienced vegan baker and to make a coco whip cream is even tricky for me, so I wonder how many regular folks are able to achieve the results shown in this video. Also, the dough does not look like the dough for profiteroles. Definitely, it looks delish but wondering if it tastes like the real thing.


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