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head to to save 10% on your first purchase of a website or domain, or use code leahmegan ⭐️ hi friends ~ this is a vlog I filmed over three days, during my final ever finals season! I share some of my recent favourite healthy recipes, my skincare routine, and my day-to-day life (lots of time studying in the library)! ✨
I’m still busy writing essays, but happy to have finished a video. I have so many ideas for creative editing methods, but don’t really have the time to commit to a fully creative video of that sort hehe. so, here and there I try new things, hope you like them 😀
see you next time ~~

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00:05 day 1
– 06:24 pancake recipe
08:05 day 2
– 13:25 a little catch-up + life updates !!
– 20:50 night time skincare routine
22:00 day 3
– 30:30 thank you, squarespace !

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  1. hi leah! me and my sister follow your channel for over a year now, I think, and it's ridiculous the way your videos makes me feel seen! like I've never commented before here but your vlogs makes me feel so much stuff. it tells me that it's not wrong for being sad and crying sometimes and to feel that things are confused and that we are confused too. and you also tell us that after a bad day – or days – we can start over and build those habits again and try to get into life again and just try the best we can that day and it'll be amazing. we love your videos, our Mother loves hearing your voice and you have become so present here! I love it and am so so so glad I know you for some reason. even when you're sad and you feel you are not saying anything that matters, you are. and I thank you for this ❤ your content have been amazing and it's so cool

  2. You are my favorite vlogger on Youtube leah❤hope you are doing well. I really love watching your video when I'm alone. Sometimes I just feel you're a real friend as we have so many similar feelings of life and our self.

  3. It's been a while since I wrote any comments on your videos, although I watch every of them. But I missed giving a feedback.
    Actually, I had been stressed out because of my university homework before i started watching the video. I love how calming your videos are. They're like a stress relief. Thank you for sharing your true emotions and your life in general. I'm so glad that i've found your channel. I can't put it into words how grateful i am for your videos. It's refreshing to see someone living their ordinary life and sharing their everyday experience without exaggeration❤

  4. a leah video to make my day better <3. i have been having shitty few weeks. but it is good to know we have each other. we as leah and people watching her videos. i feel like this is a community that makes me feel safe and not alone. lots of love :))