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I am irrationally thrilled with this creamy Potato Leak Soup (PLS). It has so few ingredients that I feel like it has no right to be as delicious as it is. I attribute that mostly to the dill, of course, but also the Better Than Bouillion vegetable bouillion (I also love their chicken bouillon) and the small amount of vinegar at the end. It’s definitely heavy on the leeks which are not only great for * flavor * but also texture. Inspired by all the times I’ve eaten twice-cooked pork at a number of Szechuan restaurants (if you’re in Brooklyn, I love Authentic Szechuan Tofu of 5th Avenue), I wanted to use the whole leek, not just the white and light green parts (I often do this in my own cooking because I hate waste). Raw or briefly cooked, the darker stems are definitely tougher but simmered for a while with the potatoes, it cooks down into something perfectly tender without melting into nothingness. This soup is about as flexible as I get. Don’t have waxy potatoes? You can use russets. Before the sour cream is added, this soup is technically vegan, but it doesn’t have to be. Use butter instead of olive oil, chicken stock instead of vegetable broth. Yogurt instead of sour cream. Want to top with some crispy cured pork situation? Sure! This would also be excellent topped with smoked trout, sardines, or salmon. But, please, whatever you do, please don’t skip the dill. Nothing can replace the dill. RECIPE & INGREDIENTS: VIDEO CHAPTERS: 0:00 Start 0:10 Intro to Potato Leek Soup (PLS) 0:52 Prepare the leeks and potatoes 2:06 Add the potatoes and leeks to the pot 3:41 Add water and bouillon to the pot 4:46 Prepare the greens for the soup 6:22 Add the greens, sour cream, and vinegar to the soup 7:26 Finish and taste the Potato Leek Soup (PLS) #PotatoLeekSoup #PLS #BetterThanBouillon #PotatoLeekSoupReceekipe #HowToMakePato #HowToMakePLS #AlisonRoman #AlisonRomanHomeMovies #AlisonRomanNothingFancy #AlisonRomanDiningIn Subscribe to A Newsletter: Find Nothing Fancy online: Find Dining In online: Website: Instagram: Twitter: VIDEO CREDITS: Director: Daniel Hurwitz Editor: Kate Fisher Director of Photography: Dennis Thomas Sound: Joe Quartararo.





  1. Stone Soup is about a hungry person who comes up with a really good plan to get everyone to feed them. They go around to all the houses in the village saying they are making stone soup- they have a stone in a pot of water. They ask the villagers to contribute something to the wonderful stone soup (they have already contributed the most important thing- the STONE!) So the villagers all contribute something- a potato, a carrot, a leek, maybe some dill and scallions and…hey! Suddenly there is actual soup, and the clever, hungry person gets fed!

  2. The story, as I recall it (Stone Soup) is that the village is near starving, but an old woman tells them all "I can make soup from a stone" and she puts a stone in her pot with water and starts cooking. Pretty soon, someone says "I have one little carrot, let's put that in" and then other people come round, and each one has one little thing — a single potato, some greens, a bit of fat — and pretty soon, it is a real pot of soup and she can take the stone out and discard it.

    I have a recipe for potato leek soup that is very similar, but lacks the dill or (geez!) the kale. It's basically a creamy potato soup and I use ordinary potatoes (peeled) — usually Idaho because that's what's around mostly. But I think any potato would work. You don't need cute little tiny potatoes. It does require leeks, for their delicate oniony flavor.

    BTW: don't dump the sandy leek water in your SINK. Your garbage disposal will not like the sand. If you don't have plants, at least dump it outdoors.

    I love dill too! but I think dill would turn this into "dill soup" (that's a thing, actually) and not "potato leek soup".

  3. Love this soup! I Love leeks and have always felt guilty throwing out the greens. It is genius to use it. I don't use dill much, but the use of that with sour cream is heavenly. I love your infectious personality and your common sense approach to cooking. thank you.

  4. OK. Alison, you may want to shoot me but I can't abide dill. Same with kale. BUT: I made this soup today, without dill, without kale, AND IT'S FANTASTIC. The best potato soup I've ever made. So for anyone else out there who doesn't like dill, don't worry about it! This soup is incredibly delicious. I attribute it to the splash of vinegar, the sour cream, the Better then Bouillon in addition to the plain fact that you just can't beat potatoes and leeks.

  5. A confident and easier way to get rid of sand btwn the leek leaves is cut the entire leek first then run the chopped leeks in a sift or I’d prefer not to waste too much water by having a bowl outside the sift n let the chopped leeks swim in the water then lift the sift. 🙂


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