Potato Leek Soup | Kenji’s Cooking Show


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  1. Growing up, my father grew leeks between the two apple trees we had, but didnt know what to do with them. He looked in the copy of Julia's cookbook we had, and decided to make leek potato soup. Now, as about a 5 year old kid, I knew what soup was, beef barley, chicken noodle, clam chowder. So this pale green gruel was placed in front of me, and i thought, where the heck is the soup???? . . . until I tasted it. Been a love affair with it ever since. Cold in the summer, warm in the winter.

  2. Being that it's winter, and the days are short. I don't know if it's evening or early morning there but I get the vibe it's early morning. Maybe because it's 6 here and pitch black out. Does Kenji (Do you) just wake from a slumber and feel like cooking and then decide to record or is it planned out?