Polish Cabbage Soup KAPUŚNIAK. #13 Recipe by Always Yummy!


Kapusniak is cooked not only in Poland but Ukraine and Slovakia, however this tasty soup takes the origin just in Poland. The thing of this recipe is that two forms of white cabbage are used – fresh and sauerkraut- and, surely, meat sausages. If you are a fan of tasty soups, this recipe is for you. ✅ Ingredients: • fresh cabbage – 350 g • sauerkraut with brine – 250 g • onion bulb – 160 g • carrot – 120 g • bacon – 200 g • smoked sausage – 350 g • meat or chicken broth – 1.9 l • bay leaf – 2 • dill – 10 g • potato – 280 g • sweet paprika – 2 tsp • salt – 1 tbsp • ground black pepper – ½ tsp ✅ You will need: • stockpot • carving board 📙 Preparation: 1. Dice the onion finely , cut the carrot into thin half rings, dice the cabbage and potato, cut the sausage into round slices and bacon into not big pieces. 2. Heat the stockpot over low heat and fry the bacon for 3 minutes over low heat, add the sausage and fry for another 3 minutes over low heat. 3. Add the onion and carrot and keep frying for 4 minutes over low heat stirring occasionally. 4. Add the fresh diced cabbage and fry over low heat for 3 minutes. 5. Add the sauerkraut, potato, the meat or chicken broth, paprika, salt, bay leaves, bring to a boil and reduce the heat. Cover with the lid and cook over low heat for 15 minutes. 6. Switch off the stove, sprinkle the kapusniak with chopped dill and serve to the table.





  1. Very close to recipe I learned while in Poland. Only difference is I sweat the cabbage a little more then add potatoes and stock for 15 min before adding sauerkraut. And add one tablespoon of cornstarch to thicken slightly.

    Hands-down one of my favorite soups if not most favorite!