Plant Based Steak Recipe (Tastes Like Meat!)


This steak is vegan?!

A few weeks ago the boys from BOSH! showed me this recipe for delicious vegan steak with special sauce. It was unbelievably meaty! The Café de Paris sauce complimented it perfectly too. You should definitely cook one of these bad boys up to impress your carnivore friends.

Check out their video here —

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  1. The main reason I hate veganism! They promote vegan diet yet they copy the taste of meat, they are hypocrites, they should stay true to the taste of vegetables! like slimy, bitter, pungent, sweet etc but healthy. Meat lovers never copy Vegans food and we like vegetables as well!

  2. I don’t mind Vegan food 2ce a week, lots of delicious recipes but my African body needs meat and fish all of my ancestors ate meat and fish so i shall continue to. Indian Vegetarian food is soooooo goood 😋😋😋uuugh now i want some Chilli Fried Idli.


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