Pick one: soup or no soup noodles?


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  1. I usually cook my noodles in the broth but then strain them and pour just a lil broth in the bottom of the noodles, not enough to be soupy at all. Idk why i like drinking the broth separately when it's cooled down, after I finish the noodles! lol

  2. Today was super hot, so for my lunch I went to a Vietnamese place and tried cold vermicelli noodles for the first time and WOW it was incredible! Not sure if it qualifies as dry noodles cause you pour a little cup of sauce on it but god it was so delicious

  3. broth for the win!!!! soup and noodles together make for a perfect harmony! sometimes broth by itself is not filling enough as a meal however with the accompaniment of noodles that can soak up the flavourful soup mhmhmh so good~ and dry noodles are really good too! but theres just something about the pairing of hot broth and springy noodles that make it divineee. (its so obvious im a soup noodle fanatic)

  4. I'm team no broth tbh. I prefer noodles with a sauce or oil that clings to them completely, because I get concentrated flavour in every bite and I don't understand how a broth imparts more flavour into the noodles themselves- I've tried plenty of soup noodles and I've always been disappointed by how bland and squishy the noodles themselves actually are, no matter how good the broth is. I like noodles with more toothiness, too, and soggy noodles that have been sitting in broth for a while just put me off. I think it's because all I had to eat as a poor kid was INSTANT noodles, and my mum would always make them soupy. I see the value in both, though!!