Persian Lentil Soup | Persian lentil soup vegetarian🌱 IRON RICH super special lentil soup recipe 👌


Persian Lentil Soup, Persian lentil soup vegetarian IRON RICH super special lentil soup recipe

Lentil soup is one of the most delicious vegetarian soup. It’s healthy, hearty and full of plant-based protein and iron, and warming on those cold, wintery days. While there are many variations of lentil soup, you can’t go wrong with an easy , Persian version.

I always love an tasty and quick soup recipe like this as it’s easy to meal prep and reheat. It can be serve for lunch or dinner and it’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, making it great for almost all your guests!

Lentil 350g
Onion 2
Flour 15g
Turmeric 2sp
Black pepper and salt


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