Perfected Keto Flour | An All-Purpose white flour substitute GLUTEN FREE By Victoria's Keto Kitchen


The One Keto & Gluten Free Flour that can turn anything keto! PLEASE SHARE!

00:00 Introduction
01:57 Almond flour. How much to use & Why
02:59 Oat Fiber. How much to use & Why
04:00 Egg White Protein Powder. How much to use & Why
05:27 Xanthan Gum. How much to use & Why
06:50 Baking Powder & How to use this flour mixture to make my past recipe
08:16 How to store this flour mixture
09:03 Extra information that is also in description box

This Recipe Yields 4 1/2 cup

Weigh in Grams for accuracy


-Almond Flour 3 cups
GRAMS ~ 336 grams

-Oat Fiber 3/4 cup plus 2 Tbs
GRAMS ~ 70 grams

-Egg White Protein Powder
1/4 cup plus 2 Tbs plus 2 tsp
GRAMS ~ 50 grams
cost after tax is “$2.58 each batch” using this EWPP

-Xanthan Gum 1 1/2 Tbs
GRAMS ~ 16 grams

If making my past recipes that call for my Cake & Cookies flour
or My Self rising flour, you will need to add baking powder to this flour recipe

-Add Baking Powder 3 Tbs
GRAMS ~ 36

If you would rather add the baking powder to this flour mixture “as needed for my past recipes” this is the amounts per cup ⬇

2 tsp baking powder per 1 cup
1 tsp baking powder per 1/2 cup
1/2 tsp baking powder per 1/4 cup
1/2 HEAPING tsp baking powder per 1/3 cup
1 HEAPING tsp baking powder per 2/3 cup

GRAMS PER- Perfected Keto Flour
1 cup = 105 gr
3/4 cup = 78 gr
2/3 cup = 70 gr
1/2 cup = 52 gr
1/3 cup = 35 gr
1/4 cup = 26 gr

Net Carbs Per Cup- Perfected Keto Flour
1 CUP = 5 carbs.
3/4 CUP = 4 carbs
2/3 CUP = 3 carbs
1/2 CUP = 2.5 carbs
1/3 CUP = 2 carbs
1/4 CUP = 1 carb

“about” PER CUP- Perfected Keto Flour
NET carbs per cup ~ 5 carbs
Total carbs per cup ~ 24 carbs
Total Fiber per cup ~ 15 grams
Total Protein per cup ~ 25 grams

ABOUT how many times you can make this mixture with 1 bag of each ingredient recommended in my Amazon Links ⬇️

Almond flour 4 times
Oat fiber 16 times
Egg powder 19 times
Xanthan gum 15 times
Baking powder 14 times

Gluten free Low carb & Sugar free

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  1. Hello Victoria, do you think this version of your flour would create a lighter fluffier chocolate cake then your previous one. I tried your cake recipe with the special cake flour and while the flavor was good, it wasn’t as light and fluffy as I like, it reminded me more of a brownie. I love that you continue to evolve and improve your recipes to create the best versions you can. I am so excited to do some experimenting.

  2. I made an Italian cream cake today out of the cakes and cookies flour, and it was amazing. I made brown butter chocolate chip cookies for Thanksgiving with it, and they were all gone. No one could tell. Both recipes were from a Southern Living cookbook. I love that I can bake anything now. I don't have to search for keto recipes.

  3. Thanks, Victoria, you are an angel. I'm going to make buttermilk biscuits from this mix, just to see if I can fool my 86-year-old mother, a dyed-in-the-wool southern belle who is decidedly anti-keto. Gonna fry up some green tomatoes too. Hee Hee. Maybe fry some catfish too. This is going to be epic.

  4. Victoria…thank you! I used to love baking before I went keto. I had all but given up on baking as I disliked so many of the keto dessert and bread recipes I had tried. Since finding your recipes, I am baking again! I have you to thank! There is no doubt that God is using you to bless all of us!

    Also, do I have to store this flour in the fridge, or would an air-tight container do?

    Thanks again!❣️

  5. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Victoria! I was only able to get Anthony’s oat fibre for a feasible cost (I’m in Australia) and while the flour wasn’t exactly white, I can live with that. I have used most of my first batch of your self-raising flour, so the timing for your new recipe is excellent!

  6. Victoria, you're such a blessing!! I'm in tears! I made my grandmother's Italian cookie recipe with your flour and subbed out the sugar and it's amazing! LEGIT like the real sugar and flour filled thing! 😍🙌🙏 Merry Christmas! This is the best gift! 🎄🎁🧑‍🎄 Thank you so much!!

  7. The egg white protein powder I recently purchased has 32% protein content/20 grams, while the one you recommend has a 48% protein content to 30 grams of product. I have been out of school for so long I have no idea what the math would be to figure out if the protein content/serving called for in your mixture is even roughly equivalent. 😵‍💫 Can you (or anyone else with mad math skills) figure this out???
    [Would 32% for the first 20 grams + 16% from an additional 10 grams = 48% for the 30 grams of egg white powder you call for, or is the math much more complicated than that???) 🤣