PERFECT Minestrone | Italian Soup Recipe


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  1. When I lived in Montenegro a few years ago, I found the food (away from the coast) was the same junk – in practically every restaurant. I was pleased eventually to find a restaurant which had things like Minestrone soup! And good it was too. So the next time I took along along a local and he thought it was disgusting!! They were so used to stuff like chicken and fries, over-salted fish (and what they called a "paradise salad" which was a sliced tomato [I am not making this up]) that a decent soup with a bunch of vegetables did not rate as food. There simply is no pleasing some people.

  2. mmm I love minestrone! It's such a nostalgia food for me, and I'm not even Italian, although I'm sure the versions I've eaten would upset at least a couple Italians ;p Never knew it was made with rice too, I'm used to the pasta version.
    My mom just liked it a lot and even grandma (who p much only cooks Dutch food) got into it, making up her own version, but they stopped making it like 10+ years ago for whatever reason. I even like the canned ones, but for some reason practically every soup brand has discontinued their minsestrone soup :/ So now if I want a lazy, nostalgic meal from a can I gotta wait until Lidl has italian week. But homemade is best ofc

  3. For me soup is a good place to use up those little bits of various pastas you have in the pantry.

    Also, a word about kale stems: they are perfectly edible; they just take longer to cook than the leaves. Separate the stems and leaves, slice the stems, and add the stems to your dish when you add the celery!

  4. Parmigiano, like most hard cheese, is made with rennet which is extracted from dead baby cow stomach lining.

    To make the soup vegetarian/vegan, instead of cheese, use a few spoonfuls of nutritional yeast. It's very good and adds a great umami flavor very reminiscent of cheese. It's great on popcorn too.

  5. Excellent job and beautiful recipe. Reminds me of my grandmother's minestrone which always had many more vegetables than my mother's. 
    Harper, two suggestions: 1) If you need to remove seeds from a tomato, cut the tomato horizontally through its equator, rather than pole to pole. 2) If you are going to scrape ingredients off your cutting board with your knife, PLEASE flip the knife so you use the back, rather than the blade. Using the blade will dull your knife. (And the sound is like nails on a chalkboard!)
    And thanks for these mid-week videos!

  6. so I was thinking if you want to make it completely Vegan you could add 1/2 teaspoon of either blonde, red or black miso depending on your personal taste, and if you scaled up the recipe just add another 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of said miso per doubling of the recipe .. remember less is more when it comes to miso it will overpower in a heartbeat but if applied with prudence It will be a case of gastronomical 2 +2 = 5 mathematical impossibility but completely feasible when applied corredtly hopefully you like it …. notify me if it works for you