peanut chaat recipe | पीनट चाट रेसिपी | boiled peanut chaat salad | groundnut chat


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peanut chaat recipe | boiled peanut chaat salad | groundnut chat with detailed photo and video recipe. simple and easy chaat recipe made with boiled peanuts, spices and finely chopped veggies. it is an ideal and healthy snack to be served any time for almost everyone including kids and adults. there are myriad ways to make this peanut chaat, but this recipe post is made with boiled peanuts and thus making oil-free chaat.

peanut chaat recipe | boiled peanut chaat salad | groundnut chat with step by step photo and video recipe. chaat or salad recipe is a common snack across india and is served for a different purpose. it is generally made with deep-fried snacks and spicy sauce exploding with flavours. but then there are few healthy chaat recipes and boiled peanut chaat salad is one such recipe which can be served as both snack and salad.





  1. Wow, that looks wonderful! All my favorite ingredients in one place is too hard to resist. In the US we don’t usually find raw peanuts, so does anyone know if this could work with roasted peanuts, and if so how would you prepare them for this recipe? Would you soak them to remove any salt? Would they absorb any of the turmeric flavor? Thanks in advance for any help!


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