When I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was worried that I had to miss out on social events in order to manage my condition. Thankfully, both my family and friends are very supportive as they make it a point to help remind me about my food choices. Now I replace my breakfast on some days with Glucerna. This way, I can enjoy myself at social events without feeling stressed. Don’t feel discouraged by your condition. You can rise above diabetes just with smarter choices like opting for steamed food over fried ones, soupy dishes over dry ones and food with less gravy over gravy-rich foods. Of course you can have cheat days too so that you don’t feel too restrained. Jamie and I have created some recipes with Glucerna for you. Hope they can help bring more variety to your meals. Let’s fight diabetes together. Enjoy!

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To get the full recipe and the list of ingredients used, go to the links below

Glucerna® Pandan Red Beans Drink https://abbottfamily.com.sg/recipes/g…

Glucerna® Hotcakes with Creamy Vanilla Sauce https://abbottfamily.com.sg/recipes/g…

Glucerna® Pineapple & Green Apple Lassi https://abbottfamily.com.sg/recipes/g…

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