our last meal together on youtube


we never thought we would have to make this video…


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  1. How the heck have I been vegan for over a decade and had no idea tofutti had ice cream sandwiches?! I'm a major foodie and try all the vegan products but this wasnt on my radar. Never seen them at the store and I'll now be on a mission to find them. I do like the So Delicious sandwhiches, wonder how they will compare?

  2. Last meal would be: pepperoni pizza slice with extra sauce, chili cheese fries but with my dad’s chili bean recipe that he unfortunately died with, and a good soft chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich with coffee ice cream lol
    Very all over the place but I would 100% keep it vegan, I don’t miss a single thing from before and wouldn’t crave it then

  3. I would love your two rice bean recipes. I know you dont over spice with chilis so i know I would love.
    My items would be just egg with vegan aloli on a everything bagel toasted. And a vegan meat sub with beans rice cheese burrito. As for deserts love anything dark choc. This is when im vegetarian all other times I'm vegan

  4. I feel like my last meal would ESPECIALLY be vegan – I feel like ending my life adding extra cruelty in at the end would be so low vibrational and honestly I feel like it would change the trajectory of my afterlife or reincarnation

  5. The potluck is definitely a video I would watch. Maybe the recipe, but, also why they chose it. For me I would want a certain meal my mom always makes because it's so comforting, or the one soup my late grandmother always made growing up when I was sick. Something comforting and nourishing.

    My grandmother made a chicken fricot which is a stew with potatoes, so instead of chicken I would put chickpeas or lentils. My mom's meal.. changes daily but she has this recipe for a portabello mushroom pasta recipe that's vegan and so good. It's got crushed almonds in it. It's so good and the mushrooms have a meaty texture.

    The last thing I would do, I'd want time with those most important to me. Family and friends are always most important to me. A good pot luck just as a get together. I don't know if I'd tell them or not, because I would want the last meal together/time together to be a happy time.