ONLY 50 Calories PIZZA ! LOW CALORIE PIZZA RECIPE / 50 cal per slice!


50 Calories Pizza Recipe! Easy low calorie Pizza

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Low Calorie Pizza ( 50 Calories per slice/ 400-450 calories for the entire pizza )

– 85 g ( 3 ounces) Self Rising Flour ( You can also use all purpose flour + 3/4 tsp baking powder)
– 50 g ( 3 ½ tbsp) Low Fat Milk
– Pinch of Salt

PLEASE READ : Like mentioned and shown in the video, this recipe makes for a THIN 9 inch pizza. Take your time while rolling out the dough. DISCLAIMER: Some of you have been asking for lower calorie recipes. So I thought I’d share with you my low calorie pizza recipe. This recipe is around 50 calories per slice, but the whole pizza is around 400-450 calories which is a suitable amount of calories for a complete meal. So to be clear, you can enjoy the whole thing! You can find more tips on my website.


– 35/50 g ( 1.5 – 2 ounces) Low Fat Cheese
– 1 tbsp Parmesan Cheese
– Garlic and herbs ( add to your liking )
– Veggies of your choice + tomato sauce

I’ve chosen to give the recipe in grams and ounces as it’s more precise for calorie counting. However, if you’d like the flour measurements in cups you’ll need roughly ⅔ cup. Please bear in mind that if you choose to use cups the calorie amount may vary as cups aren’t an accurate way of measuring.


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  1. A few questions:
    1. How long should you knead the dough? On your video, the audio cuts out just before the word "minutes"
    2. What is "Butter Me Donald"?
    3. On the written recipe page on your website, there is no mention of the cheese mixture (still trying to figure out what "Butter Me Donald" is)
    4. You cut the pizza into 6 slices and based on the number of calories in the whole pizza, I'm trying to figure out how you came up with the title of your video, which puts each slice at 50 calories.
    Thank you.