One of the most effective drinks to control diabetes | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra


Healthy and delicious drink recipes for diabetes. This sugar free nutrient loaded drink will boost your insulin level and promote better health. So let’s share this informative video with as many people as possible to help them learn about the best diabetes drinks. We aim to promote wellbeing and make this world a better place to live in. Thank you!

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  1. Mera beta 16 Sal Ka hai 8 sal pahle use sugar hai pata Chala, allopathic medicine se control me tha lekin 8 mahine se uska sugar 350 se niche Nahi as Raha tha, Dr. Ne insulins injection suru Karne ko bola lekin usey injection nhi Lena tha to Kisi ke kahne SE hamne Amazon se BET capsule and livcon capsule mangvaya aur suru Kiya 3 mahine me sugar cantrol me Aaya aur dhire-dhire engreji medicine bhi band ho Gaya, ab uska sugar sirf BET-cap and livcon capsule se control me hai aap b jarur try Karo best dawai hai ayurvedic ❤️✨

  2. Madam a lot is being said about the benefits of consuming cinnamon powder 1st thing in the morning to help control blood sugar & cholesterol levels. Is it really effective? If so how & in what proportion should it be consumed. 🙏🏼

  3. I read up on this because I was getting desperate. My blood sugar levels had shot into the dangerous range is 20.4 lowest it's been in last two weeks was 15.8
    I purchased the alla and turmeric and first thing I did this morning was very hesitantly make the as being Scottish the combination is unknown to me.
    I must be honest and say it's not the nicest drink I've had but not the worst either..I was surprised to find in a couple of hours I actually had some energy and when I took a reading at my normal mid afternoon time I almost passed out in shock when I saw 9.3 I haven't had any reading under 10 in months my doctor had been speaking about insulin
    ( type 2). My next appointment with him is in 5 days. I intend on continuing with drink to see what happens.
    But a huge big thank you indeed