One Can of Chickpeas Could Change The Way You Think About Meatloaf


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One Can of Chickpeas Could Change The Way You Think About MEATLOAF?
This chickpea meatloaf is out of this world and contains no gluten and no soy! I love making chickpea meat using chickpeas but making this meatloaf was awesome! I had leftovers for days, used it on sandwiches, and even crumbled it up over some rice on the last day (which was awesome)

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  1. It came out delicious! I soaked 2 cups of chickpeas overnight. Cooked them and reserved aquafaba. I just proceeded them with onion, carrots, garlic, beetroot and celery with 2 cups of aquafaba leaving the mix semi processed. All the rest of the ingredients as you show less yeast psste and smoky smth which are not available in Mexico. I tried to avoid the glazing part to avoid sugars but it's necessary. Glazing and 30 minutes more in the oven made huge difference in consistency and flavor. Thank you! Chaotic in the beginning but what matters is a final result and it's really tasty!

  2. I just have to complain here. You are making it hard for me not to become a veggie man. Don't get me wrong. I love meat. Especially the meat I shoot each year. But come on now. Really? Are you pushing me to become what I said I would never become? I feel though that I could leave meat altogether with a bit more time. But not become a bug eater

  3. I made my own fake meat for a chili cook off out of minced mushrooms, cherries, carrots and bulger wheat. Along with a little brown sugar, cocoa, soy sauce and coconut oil for the meatier flavor profile. Everything else was pretty standard chili. I had a few people vote for my chili because they said they couldn't tell it was vegan. I blame the texture and the coconut oil mostly, lol. Your recipe reminds me a lot of that me of my fake beef recipe, however. The beets are a neat touch, though I may have minced them more, personally, only due to their strong flavor when concentrated.

  4. I was hopeful. But as soon as the mushrooms came out, I was out. Why, oh why, do almost all (savory) vegan recipes contain mushroom?
    And 90% of the time you want to leave them out, the recipe does not work. Can anyone recommend a replacement for mushrooms?
    The yeast and yeast extracts I usually always forgo, they seem to be an addition in every recipe, or soy sauce. I just don‘t like the taste of any of it, mushrooms, yeast, soy … I know everybody says they are umami, so I guess I just don’t like umami. Well, maybe the mushrooms and yeast etc. Are not elementary and it might work without.

  5. Mr. Stache on the chance you get to answer my questions i have an adverse reaction to oats per-se they tend to bloat me. can i use xantham gum or konjac or another binder say whole psyllium husks or maca flour or another binder than oat meal or rolled oats??????