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  1. THAT CUPCAKE JOKE IS HILARIOUS. Our trashy white neighbor that looks like she's a meth addict just moved in next door and she has a big Pitbull named Cupcake. She came over into our yard posturing up to attack our very mellow, very chill dachshunds that just kinda stood there like " Wtf is your problem, dude? " and we had to go over there and tell the drug addict " You let your dog keep running around the neighborhood, we're gonna empty a magazine into it if it even lunges at one of our small dogs. Your dog's life ain't worth our dogs we actually take care of. You clearly don't care much about your dog since all you do is throw it outside, go inside and likely shoot up, or light up. " They got upset with me for coming over because " You're a young punk, get off my property. I don't have drugs. My dog goes where it pleases. You ain't gonna shoot my dog. I'll shoot yours. " I was like " I mean, you can shoot at my dogs while they're here in my yard sure. But you realize that shooting at my dogs if they chase your dog back into your yard is still an offense? It's considered coercing my dog into your yard using your dog as bait because you're letting your dog instigate by being a lazy b!tch. I was nice by coming over here to warn you. There's a state trooper that's a lovely family friend of us, usually helps keep the peace in this neighborhood. Be a shame if they got a tip about potential hard drugs being purchased by the new residents that also stole our Fed-Ex package today and refuse to give it back, now wouldn't it? "

    Suddenly Cupcake is staying in her yard because the meth addict sees we weren't joking and that we bring out a .22 rifle or a 9mm handgun to make sure our dogs are protected. We bring a pellet rifle too though, 'cause I honestly don't wanna kill Cupcake because their owner is an idiot. If I can scare Cupcake off before things get violent by just popping near them with a pellet, I'd rather do that and not physically harm the pretty Pitbull. I love animals far, far more than disgusting humans. Wish I could walk over and put the 9 in the woman's mou-

  2. this is literally the smartest thing any youtuber has done. play off the nostalgia of your audience, just like what happened with minecraft. this video was top tier, yall need to do more. combine old games with new humour :>