Learn how to make Nutritious Salmon Head Soup or Fish broth with vegetables and fresh herbs.Salmon Head Soup Recipe is most common and Nutritious recipe prepared all over the world. Saladmaster Cookware helps to cook Tasty & Yummy seafood recipes in one pan preserving all the natural taste in the food.

Fish Head Soup has many variations to its preparations like Chowder with potatoes or Tomato base with Herbs. Bisque is another form originated from France mainly with seafood double boiled to extract ultra flavourful to get best seafood recipe. Seafood recipe is cost effective way to gain essential vitamins and minerals from the seafood Scarp like Fish bones, tails and Head especially. Popular Fish soup from various parts of country are Bergen fish soup, Bouillabaisse ,Carp Soup, Herring Soup, Ukha Etc.

Benefits of Seafood Head soup are highly nutritious and its great source of Omega-3. It also has a nutrient which is very essential to brain development and keeps heart healthy.
Saladmaster cookware is ideal to cook all types of Seafood because of its 316Ti Surgical Steel property which allows to cooks most of the Seafood with natural taste and also avoids acidic reaction with the Pan. Saladmaster cookware are made in USA for more than 70 years and in 68 different countries. Saladmaster is the only company which is Sponsored by Diabetics Association UK for its properties to avoid Excessive oil and retaining maximum nutrition content in the food.

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