Nutritionist Cooks Healthy Recipes for People with PCOS and Diabetes


Understanding the food we put into our body and how it affects us is a great investment towards a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Eats is a new series where Jo Sebastian, a registered nutritionist-dietitian, helps you navigate your way to a healthier lifestyle by introducing recipes and learning about the science behind the food we eat!

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Intro (0:00)
All about PCOS and diabetes (0:28)
Yogurt Parfait (4:30)
Fried Rice and Tofu (6:23)
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  1. This is awesome! I have PCOS and it is so hard to explain people what it is. Constant fatigue out of nowhere, grumpiness due to hormone imbalances and weight gain!! They tend to say “”maarte ka lang”. Thank you Featr for tackling this one, it helps us be confident and know what we can eat to help us. 🥹💖

  2. Talk about the timing of this video release. It’s like FEATR knew my recent search over the internet. 🫣

    Finally, a series to address common nutrition issues that a good number of Filipinos are facing. Really thankful you make videos like this which I consider a gem (for being not commonly addressed in a Filipino/Asian setting since as Jo said, resources online lean towards Western culture).

  3. Hello! Thank you so much for the content and exposure on Diabetes! Just to further clarify, I think insulin resistance is commonly linked with Type 2 Diabetes while insulin DEFICIENCY (aka my pancreas makes zero insulin) is associated with Type 1. As a T1D, it would be great if you could specify the type and differentiate them? While the recipe looks great for my health, the general loping of the two is something that’s been difficult to deal with since they’re sometimes medically treated differently but people tend to assume they’re the same 🥲 thank you 😇

  4. Just as i thought.. a mainstream nutritionist who only focus on the symptoms and NOT THE ROOT CAUSE 🤦‍♀ also the frequent meals is only good for those who are metabolically healthy.. but the problems she's trying to solve are PCOS and Insulin Resistance which are a clear sign of poor metabolic health. This is so misleading 🙁 If you're serious about reversing your PCOS and Insulin Resistance, please follow the advise of these Holistic Doctors instead: Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Ken Berry and Dr Eric Berg — they have youtube channels.

  5. tofu and egg are pretty low carb but uhhh white rice will still spike your blood sugar. no no for me. Ever since I removed high carbs in my life. my periood.. comes on the dot unlike before. tmi but I'm starting to become a big low carb advocate so yeah lol