No Sugar, Dairy, and Gluten for 60 Days. Heres What Happened.


I decided to cut out sugar, dairy, and gluten for 60 days….

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  1. Thanks for your vid, I ordered the ombre. Hey about your puppy, did he come from a breeder. We've found that many bought animals come with medical problems. The conditions that these puppy mills keep their animals is really, really, bad. Anyway, if you do consider getting another fur baby you may want to google a rescue group that deals with only the breed that you are interested. People are under the notion that animals that have been dumped at the shelter are damaged, but in fact there are many reasons they give up their dogs. For example, not enough time, going to college, having a baby, wasn't able to train (all dogs are trainable, lol). Anyway, just throwing it out there. I volunteer for a local shelter and the amount of healthy young dogs that are killed is astonishing. Perfectly good dogs and the sad thing is they have to be pulled to the metal table, because I think they can sense it. Truly heartbreaking.

  2. Facts from someone who got rid of all skin conditions including 45yrs of dermatitis. Take LECTINS out if your diet let your gut heal.
    Gluten IS a Lectin.
    Now I'm Carnivore and keep healing.
    There's a lot of myths around dairy because it's actually because the dairy is processed. Raw dairy and A2 won't trigger gut inflammation.

  3. I gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks just visiting my Filipino family. When I told them I was gluten free, I was met with ridicule and laughter. I felt pressured to eat our traditional dishes…. And now I'm 8 pounds bigger and feeling like crap. Fun times. So sorry for the loss of your puppy, that's awful.

  4. I quit trying with keto… been trying for 6 years… i eat in a 2 hr window daily… whatever i want. It feels like freedom… I eat anything I want. I share it on my channel. I do try to eat a low inflammatory, nutrition dense WAPF style diet most days, but I don't have to. Fasting is healing AND burns fat. I love it. I think you should try OMAD. 22/2. It's awesome, I eat a large meal and whatever my body tells me to. I have dessert everyday!

  5. I think that discipline does not come from the psychological effects of the new commitement. It has a lot to do with sugar level in your blood and body inflammation. Sugar level ups and downs create moody patterns and cravings. Ig weakens our bodies and brains, so getting rid of sugar is helpful.