No more Keto recipes?


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  1. Hey Sahil.
    Good to see you again.
    I totally understand your point. I and a lot of other people are a bit fed up of keto.. I think that’s the main problem. Also that many people now fully understand keto. It’s not a very sustainable way to eat in the long run for most people. I have also seen a new trend recently of calorie counting diets and low carb diets. I think it’s a more sustainable way of living and eating healthy. People say that they feel satiated and not deprived. I would of course like to see you do low calorie meals that are filling and satisfying and includes normal food/products. With all this said I am a very old subscriber to your channel, and absolutely love your channel and your personality. Looking forward to see you in the new year’s. Happy new year.

  2. I sent so many diabetics over here. Do they have to do Keto? No. I'm surprised at the number of them that have never cooked. Your channel shows the cooking process with food that is fine for them. I'll always use those recipes. Thanks Sahill, it really was a huge help to get me off medications.

  3. Glad that you're feeling better. Many found you through Keto and having just gotten back onto Keto myself I enjoy remaking many of those dishes again. However you're not limited. Back when I first cooked your recipes almost daily I learned a lot about cooking. Your videos are top, you are an authentic guy and hey, who doesn't like some metal in the background? 😀
    I love your idea to go broader with healthy food that suits more people. Keto is not for everyone. You have the know how, the passion and the culinary skills to do it. Your recipes don't just make people eat Keto (or healthy for that matter) but also encourage them to cook as all of your dishes are easy to follow and can be made in a normal kitchen by normal people every day. Keep up the jibber jabber and hope to see you rocking the kitchen again. Meanwhile, see you on Patreon!

  4. I watch you mainly because you are an interesting person – the food is secondary. I;m pretty sure I am just one of many of you international viewers who would enjoy learning more avout life in your part of India, or life as a heavy metal musician, or other areas of your life. Don't sell yourself short by limiting your output to food. You're an interesting and entertaining guy – go with it more broadly

  5. What is the point in continuing to do some version of keto if you no longer believe in it? I personally will unsub because I only follow people who truly believe in what they are doing.
    I have been keto carnivore for a few years now and my meals aren't full of almond flour or erythratol.

  6. Oh my brother, good to know that you are in a good place than 3 weeks ago! You certainly do not need to be anal about the label. We love your persona, not the recipe, there are millions of other keto channels if it’s just recipes. You love cooking, just cook and we are here for you! 🤘🏼

  7. (Harry here) I think what the person was saying is that your followers came to you for Keto information and when you stopped they went someplace else for the information they are looking for. I watch you because I like you, but there are those that are only after backing up their KETO LIFESTYLE, nothing more. So I think that you are now dealing with those of us that watch you because of you not because of what you eat.

  8. Hey Sahil. Iʻve followed you now for maybe four years? and love your content, always refer to your keto recipes (I LOVE the most recent pizza crust video and make it several times a month!!), appreciate your keto / no-keto / experimentation with what works for you. I empathize with your recent struggle with what to do about the channel and I think youʻve come to a good place.

    That said, Iʻve also followed metaphysics for way longer than Iʻve followed keto — now that Iʻve found keto, five years ago, I feel fantastic and will never quit — and I have a comment for you. Iʻve never been a fan of the kind of music you play, I must say, and itʻs fine that you really love this kind of expression. I support anyone doing anything that makes them feel excited and fantastic. To me, when I heard the song at the end of your video, it feels like a low vibrational frequency. I believe that "what you put out is what you get back" — and if you are putting out a low vibrational frequency with the music, maybe the darkness and confusion you were feeling a month or two ago is from the energies associated with (what I see as darkness and confusion in the music) what youʻre putting out.

    I know that we have to be really really careful in how we word everything. If I felt a lack of abundance and wanted to be more abundant financially, letʻs say I say "my life sucks and I donʻt have any money and I donʻt see a way out. I give up." So, thatʻs what is *heard* on the spiritual level, and thatʻs what gets returned to you, very quickly, because what you put out is what you get back. If, on the other hand, you put out "I am so GRATEFUL for the many blessings of life I already have, and I am GRATEFUL that all the money I could ever want, I have. I am grateful for receiving more money than I could ever use."

    THAT is the vibrational frequency to be on when more money is required: gratitude and blessing for what you are receiving, for what you have already received. Then, what you put out is what will come back. "Oh, so he HAS the money. Okay, now we have to make sure he has it for real, because thatʻs what he says is true."

    Maybe you feel on a very high vibration with the music you create. It doesnʻt work that way for me. Not that Iʻm asking you overnight to be Kenny G (ew!) — but just to be aware that you are setting up the frequency in yourself that what you put out is what you get back. We are learning this all together now planet-wide and — see, I did it myself! I was going to say "itʻs hard to keep the frequency up" — and if I say that, that will be true. No, instead, let me say this: I am grateful that I am receiving more and more high frequency in my being. I am creating my life from a state of high frequency.

    Donʻt change a thing about you, based on what Iʻve said. You are perfect just the way you are. Itʻs just something I noticed and thought this might shed a tiny bit of light on the issues from the last few months. Something to consider. Many blessings to you.

  9. WOW over 2000 comments?!?!? That right there shows how loved you are. Many care a lot but just never comment! I have never seen anyone with that many comments! (well, except maybe those SUPER famous folks but I don't follow/subscribe to them) I still wish you could land a cooking show……….your personality & humor would make a GREAT series on Food Network, The Cooking Channel, or even streaming………plus your recipes are amazing! Best of luck in your new journeys! I love the idea of "natural" Keto & low carb foods! 🍓🫐🍅🥥🥑🌶🫑🥒🥬🥦🧄🧅🍄🥜🧀🍖🍗🥩🥓🥚🍳🥗🧈🍤🦀🦞🦐☕🍵

  10. The amount of people's lives that you have changed just goes to show that you have made your mark on this awesome community you have built. I love the second channel and enjoy every recipe I've done. I hope future vids are just as yummy as the past. Looking forward to cooking alongside this coming year