No-Cook Chilled Corn and Basil Soup | Kenji’s Cooking Show


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  1. If you put pistachio nuts and Goji berries in there, with the LUTIN in the corn and the other nutrients, you basically have preventative maintenance or you prevent premature macular degeneration, you have basically made an eye loving soup there. Yes, chefs must learn about the food they are preparing. There are many eye nutrients already in the soup, with the addition of what i said in this post, its complete. protect your eyes. Eat this soup.

  2. I have a thing shaped like a chinois but it has bigger holes, somewhere between a colander and your chinois. There's a wooden thing that you roll around and around the inside to push things through. It was always used to crush cooked fruit to make jam or preserves, or tomatoes to make something I can't remember, or apples cooked in their skins and pushing them through there took off the skins and the seeds and made the apples ready for applesauce or apple butter. This was my mother's and she handed it down to me. I don't know if those things are still made.