NO-BAKE OATMEAL ENERGY BALLS: In search for the best healthy snack


No-Bake Oatmeal Energy Balls

Today I’m going to show you how to make date energy balls.

These healthy energy balls are so easy to make and they taste like a cookie dough.

Oatmeal energy balls are 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free, and they make a perfect breakfast on the go or snack.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s video:

First, I’ll show you how to make cookie dough like mixture, using 5 healthy ingredients.

Next, you’ll see how to use different mix-ins to make these energy balls even more delicious and nutritious.

This recipe uses date paste as a sweetener. The easiest way is to go with the store-bought date paste, but you can make your own date paste in just 5 minutes.

Simply fill the glass jar with the dried pitted dates (the cheap ones), cover with hot water, put the lid on and let it sit for 1 hour.

Then, you’ll have to transfer the dates and the water into the blender and blend into a smooth paste. It’s that simple!


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3 cups quick cooking oats (270g)
1/2 cup peanut butter (125g)
1/2 cup ground flax seed (75g)
1 cup date paste (250g)
1/3 cup coconut oil (70g)

mix-ins (dark chocolate, dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, chia seeds)

In a bowl add the oats, peanut butter, flax meal, date paste and coconut oil. Using your hands mix all the ingredients together. If you prefer you can do it with the food processor too.

If the mixture is too dry to shape (which depends on the consistency of the date paste), add some water.

Add the mix-ins and give it a final mix.

Scoop about 1 tablespoons of mixture and using your hands form the bite sized balls.

You can eat them immediately.

Freeze or store in the fridge for up to 3 months.






  1. I'm having a lot of trouble here; you say to grind the flax seeds up, but not how to. I'm using the food processor blades, the back of a spoon, but nothing is working. I'm just creating lots and lots of mess, as the seeds are sticking to surfaces everywhere. I wish I'd never started this now. Very annoyed about the lack of information needed

  2. You should have thrown in there none of these statements are FDA approved, or guaranteed. So i can do days upon days without sleeping and 2 energy balls, 20 minutes Im back? Lol. Ok. You make all of this in under 10 minutes? All the grinding mixing microwaving rolling, less than 10 minutes you said. Im not saying they arent a good idea. Im saying some of this is BS.

  3. I love it. I will make some to give as gifts this holiday season. A couple of years ago, I found pumpkin butter at Trader Joes. It is more like a jam but not very sweet. I made protein bars using that in place of the peanut butter, added some pumpkin pie spice and essentially the rest of the ingredients were the same as you have given. To boost the protein even higher, I have added whey protein powder (unflavored) to my bars as well. Yum – looking forward to making your recipe.


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