NIGERIAN "AFANG" SOUP with Frozen Alternative Vegetables | Flo Chinyere


Still on the frozen ingredients series. Her’s Afang Soup prepared with frozen ingredients: different forms of spinach. How to preserve spinach: Ingredients: – 1kg ground spinach – 500g frozen chopped spinach – 300g leafy spinach – 1 cup palm oil (200mls) – Assorted meat (cow skin, snails, beef) – Dry fish – Stockfish – Periwinkle – Half cup crayfish – 2 big seasoning cubes – Habanero pepper (to taste) ❤ Like & Subscribe for more: ❤ Buy the All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook (E-book and Print versions) Click this link for details: ❤ My spice grinder: Buy Krups Coffee Grinder ( USA): Buy Krups Coffee Grinder (UK): ❤ My Pressure cooker is Fagor, they no longer make this model. Here is a similar one: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Please read the instructions of the pressure cooker and follow it, pressure cookers are safe when you follow the instructions. Watch the following video about everything you need to know about my pressure cooker for tips: ❤ Find me on other Social Media BLOG: FACEBOOK Food: FACEBOOK Personal: INSTAGRAM Food: @allnigerianrecipes INSTAGRAM Personal: @flochinyere TWITTER: @allnaijarecipes Nigerian food is yummy ! #afangsoup #frozeningredients #flochinyere





  1. Please where is the "Afang" in this Afang Soup? I think this is a misnomer. You cannot make a pot of green vegetable soup without any Afang in it and call it Afang Soup. This is insulting to the communities where this delicious dish is from. It is like someone making using bitterleaf to make soup and calling it "Ukazi" soup.

    Why not just call it what it is? Green Vegetable Soup? Or better still, Spinach Soup since that's the only vegetable in it. I bet you it is just as delicious.