Nigella’s Spiced Pink Soup | Forever Summer With Nigella


Nigella shows us how she makes her spiced pink soup made from beetroots #NigellaLawson .





  1. Honestly to me she looks very unsure about this recipe. I think the pink is for catching attention, that it's another one of her new inventions, but she had to put all those spices and extra stuff to make the soup work out, have any flavor in the end. That's how I feel. I once made this Rocamole recipe of hers, blue cheese combined with guacamole. It really wasn't any good I felt. I wonder if this is just another one of those recipes? I once tried something Gordon Ramsey made, chicken with lemon peel, something of the sort and it really didn't turn out at all. It tasted bad. So I wonder if these cooks, chefs that are now famous are just cranking out new recipes even though they may taste bad just to make money, keep their show going, keep on inventing recipes to crank out books to make more money.

  2. Is it possibble she has multiple white jackets etc and they simply edit out the parts her clothes get stained with beetroot – b/c she keeps changing her jacket for another new clean white jacket? It is simply inhuman or miraculous how her white clothes remain pristine. πŸ™‚