It’s coming!! Just finishing up 7 wraps for photographs today then I need to format the ebook, table of contents, adjust instructions, add some very important info and links and boom!! Should be done in a few weeks!

Common questions I’ve been getting:

1) What trays are you using?! DM me for a link.

2) How many wraps does one tray make? One wrap cut in half. They are VERY filling!

3) They don’t get soggy? I have a special technique as you see here.. First, the wrap itself must be completely dry. Secondly, a TINY bit of sauce on the wrap with a barrier of lettuce helps keep wet ingredients like tomatoes and cucumbers from soaking the wrap. Thirdly, the wrap is quite large so it’s less likely to be soaked by ingredients.

4) How long do these wraps last?! On the tray if FULLY dry, they can last about a week but they can get a wee bit dry around the edges by them. If you peel the wrap and fill it, they can last about 3-5 days depending on what you put in them. We took some hiking after we filled them 3 days ago and they were perfect. Even better flavour too cuz they had a chance to marinate.

5) When is the new ebook ready?! Soon! I can’t give a date yet because I’m only in the photo stage right now. I still have a bit left to do but not long from now!! FOLLOW MY PAGE @rawfoodromance AND WATCH MY STORIES so you know when it’s ready!!

6) How many recipes?! Is it only for the wrap?! 33 FULL wrap recipes. So 33 wraps, 33 options for fillings, 33 sauces!! So probably over 100 recipes. You can mix and match your faves and make your own wrap creations!

Until it’s ready….

Enjoy my NEW raw vegan TRANSITION GUIDE with 300 pages including 47 recipes along with over 700 oil free raw vegan recipes in our other Ebooks!
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  1. Im so excited for this!! ❤❤❤ I cant wait for my dehydrator and to be able to make these! Hope you’re figuring out how long they will last and if we can freeze or refrigerate them cause man I want to make so many of these! 🤩🤩 hand salads haha love it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!