NEW Perfected Keto Flour Mixture! One Keto Flour that can do ANYTHING White Flour can do!!!


NEW Perfected Keto Flour Printable Recipe Link


00:00:00 Introduction
09:20 Storing My Perfected Keto Flour
09:44 How my Perfected Keto Flour came about!
12:14 How to use My NEW Perfected Keto Flour in place of my Original Perfected flour
12:40 How to use my New Perfected Keto flour in place of my “Cakes and Cookies flour” and my “Self Rising flour”


-Almond Flour 3 cups
GRAMS ~ 336 grams

-Oat Fiber 1 cup
GRAMS ~ 76 grams

-Egg White Protein Powder
1/2 cup ~ 60 grams

-Xanthan Gum
1 & 1/2 Tbs
GRAMS ~ 14 grams

-Arrowroot powder
1 & 1/2 Tbs ~ 12 grams

GRAMS PER- Perfected Keto Flour
1 cup = 105 gr
3/4 cup = 79 gr
2/3 cup = 70 gr
1/2 cup = 53 gr
1/3 cup = 35 gr
1/4 cup = 26 gr

Net Carbs Per Cup- Perfected Keto Flour
1 CUP = 7 carbs. (Rounded)
3/4 CUP = 5.25 carbs (5)
2/3 CUP = 4.6 carbs (5)
1/2 CUP = 3.5 carbs (4)
1/3 CUP = 2.3 carbs (2)
1/4 CUP = 1.75 carb (2)

“about” PER CUP- NEW Perfected Keto Flour
NET Carbs per cup ~ 7 carbs
Total Carbs per cup ~ 40 carbs
Total Grams per cup ~ 105 grams
Total Fiber per cup ~25 grams
Total Protein per cup ~ 25 grams
Total Calories per cup ~ 498

ABOUT how many times you can make this mixture with 1 bag of each ingredient recommended in my Amazon Links ⬇️

Almond Flour: ($13.44 / 1360g) *336g =
$3.32 (Bag = 4 batches)

Oat Fiber: ($24.99/ 1140g) *76g =
$1.66 (Bag = 15 batches)

Egg White P Pr: ($62.96 / 1000g) *60g =
$3.93 (Bag = 16 batches)

Xanthan Gum: ($11.99 / 227g) *14g =
$0.74 (Bag = 16 batches)

Arrowroot powder: ($11.99 / 680g) *12g =
$0.21 (Bag = 56 batches)

Total: $9.86 batch.
Total initial outlay: $125.37

Almond flour 4 times
Oat fiber 15 times
Egg powder 16 times
Xanthan gum 16 times
Arrowroot powder 56 times

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Storage Container
Almond Flour By Blue Diamond
2 Oat Fiber Options ⬇
#1 By ModernMountain
#2 By LifeSource
2 Egg White Protein Powder Options ⬇
#1 By BulkSupplements
Xanthan gum By Anthony’s
Arrowroot powder by It’s just!
BakingPowder By Bob’s red mill
Allulose By Splenda

The scale that I use is apart of the KitchenAid sifter attachment.
You do not have to buy this scale, but many people ask me what I use.
Here is the link ⬇

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  1. Bless you Victoria for sharing your talents on this channel so you can help others. I am new here and haven’t had a chance to try anything yet… but your recipes look amazing!! I pray for God’s abundant blessings on you and your beautiful family ♥️

  2. Hello, I just wanted you to know I made an angel food cake using not this flour but your one before this. It turned out AMAZING! I did have to foil the top rack and just lay a foil on cake pan while baking because it was turning too dark from the allulose. Maybe this new flour with the arrowroot will help it not get too dark? Thank you can’t wait to try the new one.

  3. Those cinnamon rolls are the best! Can't wait to try your other recipes. Thank you Victoria. I made a keto version of a "Holy smokes" cake with your SR Flour.
    Crust :SR flour, butter, pecans, egg
    Bake 350 for 12 mins, cool.
    Filling 1: cream cheese, allulose, fold in whipped heavy cream
    Filling 2: SF pudding instant, ( I used pistachio) unswt almond milk
    Top with crushed pecans..
    Chill and serve. Feel free to share it, it's delicious!

  4. This flour really is a life changer. My husband is not keto or low carb but I have to be in order to avoid diabetes meds. He is willing to try things out & tonight he wanted gravy to go with our meat. Since I save all drippings from cooking meat, I added some of this flour to the drippings & we had gravy. He was happy and I was too because I could feed him something that wasn’t harmful and he enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your great ideas!

  5. Hello Sister Victoria, peace and blessings to you and your family. As of yesterday, I subscribed to this channel and I'm glad I did. Your channel will help me tweak and ultimately improve my old recipes and add new recipes to my keto lifestyle. I'm excited. Be well.
    Peace of Christ 🙏🏾✝️

  6. You’re very inspirational! I look forward to all your recipes. One of my favorite cakes is a pineapple upside down cake. I tried making one with your flour. I used Torani sugar free syrup which was great but overall the cake needed something more. Hope you consider making one.

  7. My oldest daughter is getting married in May, and we are giving her a bridal shower next week. She has had to be gluten free since age 17 because she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back then. I plan on making her some of this flour and giving her a container to keep it in as part of her gift. I know she misses all the goodies she can't have, so maybe she will love it! Blessings to you and your family!

  8. Your perfected keto flour certainly does make things taste good. Good is an understatement – they taste great – delicious. The texture is superb. Putting the amount of baking flour needed underneath your messages for the different recipes is fantastic. Saves a lot of time, makes the recipes simple, and allows me to make a big patch of your perfected keto flour. Really adds a lot more recipes into my keto cooking that are really delicious and allow me to be indulgent on keto. All the while knowing my carb count is well maintained. Thank You Victoria.

  9. You confirmed my suspicions about keto flour baked goods browning too quickly. I made your blueberry muffin recipe and they rose so high, it’s like they were exploding out of the pan! I jostled the muffin tin and the inside of the muffins were still jiggly, so I reset my timer for 3 more minutes. The muffins were perfect on the top and too brown on the bottom, in just that short amount of time. I will retry the recipe with the arrow root powder and see how they turn out.

  10. Thanks so much for the updated version. I just made chocolate chip muffins with the previous version of flour and sugar free chocolate chips, just from a regular recipe I found on the net. They were amazing!! Can't wait to try the new version! I've also made the magnolia chocolate chip cookes, brownies and the ice cream. Thank you again for all your hard work!