My Pre-Workout Meal 🔥 Berry Cobbler Recipe


So easy and tastes so good…

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    You can adjust the amounts to fuel YOUR goals. This is what I like pre training! (I have it about 20 mins before I’m out the door) 🔥Calories 👉🏼 825 🥩Protein: 45g 🍞Carbs: 135g 🧈Fat: 12-14g

    The carbs in the amounts I’ve listed are high- that’s because I have it before I workout. You can lower the cereal down to 2oz & berries down to 300g (you may need to add a couple Tbsp of water so the protein is smooth)

    If you do that: the macros will be closer to: 🔥Calories 👉🏼 675ish 🥩Protein: 45g 🍞Carbs: 100-105g 🧈Fat: 10-12g

    You can use any kind of berries – I recommend that they’re frozen 🥶 that way there’s a lot of liquid when they thaw to mix the protein with. Enjoy 😎

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