My *Keto* FULL Day of Eating! (Recipes Included!)


A look at my low carb high fat diet! Including our Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe…Comment below what you’d like to see next! SmartSweets …





  1. Hello. This was informative. I have been trying to research for a awesome vid that explains everything in this YouTube vid! 👌Your tip actually reminds me of the vids from Doctor Ethan! His explanations are actually insightful and he really helped me a lot on wellness! He is a new med student in Nottingham!

    I recommend you check his page out and give the medical student a subscribe here! ➡️ #DrEthanMedicine

  2. Try doing matcha instead of coffee! I get horrible anxiety from coffee but I still like a little kick in the mornings so I started making matcha latte’s and they are the best! Also not that you eat a ton of dairy but I used to have horrible Cystic acne and once I stopped eating dairy it cleared up! So maybe just idk ear less dairy and that might help with the little bit of acne that you’ve been struggling with. ❤️❤️

  3. I have been consistently training pull ups with bands for the past 6 weeks. 2 weeks ago I was finally able to do 2 pull ups in a row unassisted! My goal is to do a full workout (4X4) unassisted on all three grips (regular, narrow, wide). Seeing you (a strong powerful woman) use bands as well made me feel a little less weak and way more motivated!

  4. Greg…. you should make a cooking App! Down to where to find things/foods just like you mentioned about the frying pan b/c I literally looked on Amazon for it lol. Kinda what you guys do with the grocery hall etc but more in detail. And adding all the meals you prepare etc and the calerie intakes etc. And you can also include Mari salads and the little snacks etc that ya do with your protien shakes etc. Idk I'm just saying, I know you guys are supper busy with what you do have now going on with the businesses and all but just saying you know 🙂 your meals are amazing. The stuff you guys prepapre are amazing and I think you guys are amazing as well as people. I brag about you both so much lol. I'm sure this was thought of before but I'm sure more people would so love and take advantage of this if you ran with it. Love you guys!!!!


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