My Honest Thoughts on Keto



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  1. Love this! Constantly hear people telling me how I'll have super high cholesterol from eating high-fat food. My cholesterol level has gone down dramatically since I started keto. Eat a lot of fatty foods and still don't exercise the way I should. Got to love these critics. Thanks for all you put out there!

  2. Omg, you read my mind! I was just planning to make my own peppermint candy ice cream, the only sugar free mints I could find in my area are the Koochikoo ones and they are just clear. Any suggestions how I could simulate the red bits? I thought of just tossing some crushed candies with red colour before adding them, anyone think this would work?

  3. Yeah, I need to wrap my head around this better. I'm doing ketovore right now but will be going to carnivore for a short while because I convinced my son to do it with me and I'm hoping it will finally break him of his carbohydrate addiction. But I plan to go back to a more mixed diet because no matter how healthy a diet is, if you can't enjoy yourself, sticking with it will be hard. Especially if eating was what brought you happiness.

  4. I want to vent. I've been slacking and completely disgraceful and not disciplined with nutrition. Today starts my new life. Im a pescertarian and going to follow interment fasting/paleo-keto meditarrainin type diet. Its mostly a way of life. When I eat healthy and properly its a natural high and I feel better more confident and look better. Nutrition is very important and ill still have my cheatmeals but far and not often.

  5. I told my dietician about your channel the other. I do keto for narcolepsy and seizures but your recipes offer more range and options for me.

    Also, who on earth thinks heavy cream isn't part of the keto diet?? It's one of the staples!

    Thank you for sharing your talent and taking the time to show us that you aren't afraid to experiment until you find a recipe that suits you. Your channel is one of my favorites.

    Happy holidays to you!

  6. I have a splash of heavy cream & butter everyday in my coffee! It keeps me satisfied & breaks my fast the way I need it to. But I won't say it works ror everyone. At this point I want a slower weight loss. So a tad bit more dairy(fat) is fine. Plus… why would I give up coffee?!

    Do what works for you!! 🖤 Nobody is the same. What works for me may not work for you. And vice versa.