My grandmother gave me a wonderful soup recipe! We eat and want more!


Grandma gave me a wonderful soup recipe! We eat and want more! A wonderful recipe for chicken soup that everyone, even children, will love. One bowl of this soup will not be enough and you will definitely want more. This chicken soup is very good for digestion and is very good to eat after the holidays to relieve the digestive system. Recipe: 350 g chicken 1.5 liters of water cook until done remove foam chop 2 onions frying oil fry the onion over medium heat cut 1 carrot fry over medium heat add 1 spoon of broth take the chicken out of the broth leave to cool cut 2- 3 potatoes after 3 minutes add 2 tablespoons of paste add a few black peppercorns add 3 bay leaves cook until potatoes are cooked add 1 cup frozen peas beat 1 egg pour the egg into the soup add salt to taste add chicken meat Easy chicken soup is ready ! Chicken soup is very useful for the digestive system after the festive table. Bon appetit! Your 👍 and comment is the best way to thank me for the video recipe. Subscribe to the channel and click on 🔔 to be notified of new videos. #HotFood #recipe #soup #soup recipe .





  1. Dear Lass, hello. It's me Ann. My visiting nurse Kelley made this soup for me and it was delicious. I am in my late late 90s and I have been having trouble eating and I caught covid from my visiting nurse Kelley. I got pretty sick, but Kelley has been making me soups from here and I have been eating well and I am much stronger. Thank you Love for helping me to eat better and more, and I am feeling stronger. I am still coughing but not as bad. Thank you so much. People forget how wonderful soup is. During the Great Depression we lived on soup, any kind of soup. It got alot of families through that horrible time in world history and also WW2, hard times. Thank you again Lass, God Bless you. Ann 👵 🙏