In todays video I show you how to make my favourite side dishes, dauphinoise potatoes aka potato gratin.

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Episode 3 in season 9 is my favourite side dish wish ive veganised Dauphinoise potatoes..creamy, herby, garlicy goodness. Such a simple vegan recipe that you & your family will devour. Aka as vegan potato gratin the recipe will serve at least 6 people. The recipe is gluten free too. Hope you enjoy, Gaz

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  1. Man, I love you and your channel that much, can't even explain it. Your vibe, the editing, the music and the food most of all! It relaxes me. When you upload a video, it feels like coming home or something. Thank you so much for taking vegan food and the vegan movement to another level! 🌿🙂✌️💚

  2. Hi Gaz, I hope you're doing well and hoping you have not stopped making your amazing videos. Your channel is the best!!! the music, your vibe, the pictures everything is perfect. I also watched your video on vegan chicken and got to know your camera crew. They are so funny, i was laughing when you make him drink wheatgrass poor thing LOL
    I've vegan for the last 15 years and believe me I've watched a lot of videos, yours are outstanding I'm not sure what it is, is not one rhing is everything!!! . Please keep it up never stop, I hope the world becomes a better world eating vegan food and stop animal cruelty an exploitation thank you for what you do…. I'm going to try to make your Vegan chk'n but I noticed that you put" if we are allergic to tofu increase chickpeas" however I don't see chickpeas in any part of the recipe would you please let me know? Although I prefer tofu and I'm not allergic to it.

  3. Gaz, I’d like to get your cookbook bc 1) I love your channel and 2) I was really moved when you shared your story abt why you became vegan overnight referring us to Gary Yourofsky’s vid abt the meat & dairy industries.

    Simple question: in your cookbook do you incl the imperial measurement equivalents or just the metric system? Do you at least incl a conversion chart. I live in the States. I do realize in cooking you don’t have to be as precise as with baking, but could you just let me know? TIA!

    Keep up the great work.✌🏼👍🏼

  4. Dear Gaz, I'm from Germany and we don't use cups. When I try to find out what kind of measure… thing I can use instead, there are so many different amounts of ml! It's so confusing!! So pleeease would you tell me, how many ml fit in your cup? Sorry for my bad English. 🙏🏼

  5. I just did this recipe for my vegan daughter and myself (not vegan). OMG. Amaaaaaaaaazing. This is the second vegan potato gratin recipe I've tried and it's definitely our go-to recipe from now on. What are the nutritional values for a portion of this recipe (daughter wants to keep track). Thx


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