My Favorite Salad Recipe


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My Favorite Salad Recipe
Hello Everyone Welcome to my channel and thanks for watching If you haven’t Subscribed make sure you Subscribe and Click on the Notification Bell to be notified when i upload new content In todays video i showed you all how easy it is to make My Favorite Salad Recipe and i know you all will love this recipe as much as me and my family liove this recipe If you want to know how to cook you have found the right channel or if you just love a good recipe this also is the channel for you too.
Cooking is a true passion of mines and i want to share my cooking with the world and teach the world how to cook Gina Young Style stress free. Until the next video God Bless you all Goodnight.
Gina Young Gina Young Cooking Channel In The Kitchen With Gina Young How To Make Pea Salad
2 bags frozen peas thawed out
1 ranch seasoning packet
small amount red onion chopped small
1 handfull sharp chedder cheese
2 boiled eggs (optional )
1 Cup savory mayo i used dukes or hellemens
5 slices or more cooked bacon chopped
step by step tutorial
God bless enjoy 😊





  1. I pray that you are healing fully from your recent bout with the flu (sickness) in the name of Jesus.

    I will try the recipe because you managed to use every ingredient I like except sweet peas. 😀😀😀 I trust you though Ms. Gina, so I am looking forward to trying this out.

  2. Queen Gina Young…👑👑👑, I just made this salad. All I can say is, pray for my selfishness, because I DON'T WANT TO SHARE IT WITH MY FAMILY!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂. It is soooooooooooo delicious!!! Thank you for this recipe, and for the prayer! You rock lady!!!