My Favorite Fast Food Restaurants On A Keto Diet


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  1. On day 5 of keto, Ive lost 80 lbs already over the years but hit a wall and recently saw your videos on keto and decided to change things up. What made me lose weight in the first place was there was this supply teacher in grade 9 he was doing the attendance and he looks at me and says "man if you lost the weight you would be the most handsome sexiest man on the planet" and whole class starts laughing. That was years ago, but recently your boy Justin really inspired me to take the next step in the same way and his quote hit hard. "I see these guys with extra body fat but handsome faces and if they just lost that bit of extra fat they would be supermodels or actors" I realized God blessed me a dark and handsome symmetrical face and i wasnt living up to my full potential. Thank you for inspiring me to go Keto and helping me be succesful with my physique goals again.

  2. Brandon. I've got a question. I'm 5ft 6" about 145pounds decently shredded for an amateur and casual person conscious of fitness. I do eat beans and rice, meat eggs and everything. I've been toying with the idea of keto but I'm concerned about the potential weight loss which I don't need. Likewise, if I decide to fill up with fats and proteins, I'm concerned it may raise my lipids. I have no diseases at all and no cholesterol challenge at the moment. What do you think may be the added advantage of switching to keto? I'd like to try but I don't know what the benefit would be. I'd like a little clue and cue. 😀😀

  3. I have an honest genuine question for you, I think you’re amazing! I saw you say keto for 8 years, but a few diff docs I personally know say it isn’t meant for long term. Is that just because I’m a woman and men can do it for life? Do you have physicals with blood work every year to check cholesterol etc? Thank you so much ❤❤